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Free of charge 34,90 USD 
  • 250 nodes or 0.5 Gb stored
  • 3 invitations to collaborate.
  • 10,000 nodes or 5 Gb stored
  • ilimted boards
  • Unlimited invitations to collaborate.
For people who want to share information without problems. For professionals looking to share a lot of information.


The nodes or memories can contain a variety of information, as if they were a questionnaire, being able to store texts, dates, images, embedded google maps or embedded youtube videos.

The boards is the place where the nodes are stored, you can create several boards, one per life story or recipient person or a thematic board (football, classical music, rock, etc.)
The user who owns the board can determine with which other users (free or professional) share the information and what actions they can perform, for example: create new nodes, modify existing ones, link nodes or delete them.

There is also the possibility of creating boards with non-confidential content and providing public access through a link generated by the platform.

The uploaded images are hosted on our platform occupying less than 2 Mb of space for each one.