Teach collaboratively

Create educational content, material (text, images and videos), books, external links, being able to assemble it among several people (teachers, managers) and share with your students for their consultation or collaboration of new content.

In summary:

– Courses: Design your courses that you want to share.

– Materials: lists and develops the content and links that exist between them.

– Units: disaggregates into units for quick access.

– Material: copy, paste, insert videos, upload images, link from other sites, everything you want.

– Books: List and paste bibliography links that you can find, even in your institution’s library or accessible by your students.

– Papers: sums current information found on the Internet that may be relevant to your students.

– Exercises: proposes, collaborates and corrects the work received.

– Collaborative content creation: work with your colleagues at your institution or other institutions. Encourage your students’ group work.

* Teachers: Generate more educational content and in less time with your colleagues.

* Students: access all educational content, generate more group and individual content.

– Exams: manage, design and take advantage of all your evaluation skills.

– Student Notes: Record and analyze your students’ results.

– Parents or Guardians or Contacts: generate your network of contacts linked to your students, know their environment and their relationships.

– Management of tasks to be carried out by the members of the network: plan, coordinate and visualize the progress.